First, I wish to thank the late Dr. William E. Fredeman of the University of British Columbia, for his generosity in allowing me to build upon his earlier researches, and for his willingness to grant me access to his private library, which includes many rare and difficult-to-find sources. Much of the research that appears on this site is based either wholly or in part on work begun by Dick Fredeman, and I am pleased to have been able to work in consultation with one of the great Pre-Raphaelite scholars of the day. Contact Betty Fredeman for permissions and inquiries.

The Reviews section has been greatly enhanced through the assistance of numerous independent scholars. I especially thank Francois-Xavier Bernard at the University of Lyon; Sandrine Gerard in Nancy, France; Beatrice Laurent at the University of Avignon; and Carol Digel in Wilmington, Delaware.

Thanks to Dr. Constance Ramirez, Dean of the McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts at Duquesne University, for her support for the entire site. Without her office's support, much of what you will see here would not have been possible.

Thanking all of the libraries and librarians on whom I have relied in order to create this project would fill many pages. I wish, however, to give special thanks to the staff of the Fogg Art Museum at Harvard University, the Library of Congress, Margaretta Frederick and Kraig Binkowski at the Delaware Art Museum, and Peggy Daub at the University of Michigan for their patience, assistance, and friendliness!



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