"The Portland Gallery, Regent-Street" [Ecce Ancilla Domini review]. Builder 20 Apr. 1850, 184.


In a performance full of affectation, Mr. Rosetti [sic] has shown himself a poet-artist, so much real genius (misdirected though it be) pervades this, that one wonders how the author can subserviently submit his abilities to so confined a sphere. Surely light, show, and colour, with the marvellous mysteries of their respective influences are matters worthy the attention of a painter. Nevertheless, this is a striking work for intensity of expression and the cleverly arranged and carefully drawn white draperies.

In proximity to this last, "The princes in the Tower;" by Mr. F. Newenham, is an example of the rich full painting (directly the reverse of the Francia-like appearance of the "Ecce Ancilla Domini,") characteristic of the British school.

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