"Mr. Seddon’s Pictures." Spectator 30.1506 (9 May 1857), 503.

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We have more than once referred, in terms of merited praise, to the works which the late Mr. Thomas Seddon painted, particularly those from Egypt and Palestine. The entire series of his pictures and sketches is now on view at the Society of Arts, and will remain there till the end of the present month; a committee and subscription having been organized for their exhibition, and for the purchase of the chief picture, Jerusalem with the Valley of Jehosephat, to be offered to the National Gallery. The committee includes, with many others of distinction, the names of Lord Goderich, Mr. Tennyson, Mr. Carlyle, the Reverend Mr. Maurice, Mr. Holman Hunt, and Mr. Ruskin, who delivered and address at the conversazione with which the exhibition opened on Wednesday evening. We have only to repeat, regarding the pictures, that they display art of no common stamp, united with accuracy so consummate as to entitle them to be considered the first fruits of the new principle of undeviating fidelity applied to high historic landscape; to which it may be added, that the energy and spirit of a painter who exhibited his first work in 1852 and died in 1856, could hardly be better attested than by the fact that the line of his productions goes round three sides of the council-room of the Society of Arts.

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