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The critical opinion in the periodical press concerning the Pre-Raphaelites' output was sometimes scathing, sometimes laudatory, but seldom lukewarm. I have compiled a bibliography of the magazine and newspaper articles mentioning the Pre-Raphaelites between 1846 and 1900.

This bibliography, Pre-Raphaelitism in the Nineteenth-Century Press, was published in 2002 by English Literary Studies (232 p., $25.00, ISBN 0-920604-81-1). I have therefore retired the older versions of the bibliography which used to be offered here on this web site.

This web site now supplements the publishied bibliography in two ways:

  • The published bibliography is enumerative (meaning it lists only the citations for the items it contains). This web site contains the full texts of all items listed in Pre-Raphaelitism in the Nineteenth-Century Press, up to and including 1860.


  • Since the publication of Pre-Raphaelitism in the Nineteenth-Century Press in 2002, several additional items have been verified and added to the bibliography. This web site contains a list of the addenda, and constitutes the latest state of the bibliography.

    ADDENDA to Pre-Raphaelitism in the Nineteenth-Century Press.

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