"Sale of Valuable Pictures." London Times 23,265 (28 Mar. 1859), 10.


An important selection of English pictures and drawings of the highest class, from the very choice collection of Mr. Benjamin Godfrey Windus, of Tottenham, and several fine works from private cabinets, were dispersed on Saturday last, under the hammer of Messrs. Christie and Manson. The sale attracted unusual interest, and the great room in King-street was crowded. Among the more important specimens were the following:–

. . . By Ford Madox Brown–1. "Wyckliffe reading his Translations of the Scriptures to John o’Gaunt and his Wife," a very important and capital work, with the copyright, 60 guineas; 2. "The Last Sight of England," emigrants on the morning of their departure; this fine picture has not been engraved; with the copyright, 325 guineas (Gambart). By J. E. Millais, A. R. A.–1. A beautiful head of a female, finely coloured, cabinet size, 47 guineas; 2. Head of a lady in the act of cutting off a lock of her hair, cabinet size, beautifully painted, 102 guineas; 3. "Pot Pourri" (this splendid picture has not been exhibited, 195 guineas (Ruskin). . . . W. Cave Thomas "The Death of Marmion," a very highly finished work, exhibited at the Royal Academy, 90 guineas.

. . . Next followed some splendid specimens of art. J. E. Millais, A. R. A.–"Children Gathering Apples," a playful subject, 41 guineas.

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