Germ review. Literary Gazette and Journal of the Belles Lettres 19 Jan. 1850, 47.


The Germ, No. 1 (Aylott and Jones) is an original production of poetry and literature, with strictures on the arts, and congenial reviews. It belongs to a school which, in aiming at nature and simplicity, often show [sic] how hard the strain is to hit, or it may be miss, that mark, and which thinks nothing of incongruities or anomalies, so that it can occasionally pump out a new sort of phraseology, or the semblance of a new idea. Its standard is hoisted in the clouds, and out of ken of reason and the rational world. Indeed, where there is the greatest obscurity, there seems to be the claim for the most admirable poetry. Mr. Clough is upheld as one of the noblest bards of the age, and his Bothie of Toper-na-fuouch (never to be forgotten where the Celtic language is understood; see Literary Gazette of last year, p. 606) to be a work of almost matchless truth and power.

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