Germ review. John Bull 9 Feb. 1850: 91.


A new monthly periodical presents itself, courting public notice and favour. At present it is but a "Germ," as its name imports, infolding many deep and beautiful "thoughts towards nature in poetry, literature and art." If we may judge by the first two numbers lying before us, it promises to grow into a fair tree of goodly fruit. Original poems, stories to develop thought and principle, essays concerning art and other subjects, are the materials which are to compose this unique addition to our periodical literature. Among the poetry, there are some rare gems of poetic conception–among the prose essays we notice "the subject in Art" which treats of art itself in a noble and lofty tone, with the view which he must take of it who would, in the truest sense of the word, be an artist; and another paper, not less interesting, on "The Purpose and Tendency of Early Italian Art." A well executed etching in the mediaeval style accompanies each number.

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