"Sketchings: Exhibition of the Works of British Artists." Crayon 4 (Sep. 1857), 280.

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It affords us much satisfaction to lay before our readers a few details of the progress of the approaching exhibition of the works of British artists, alluded to in our last number. The projector of the enterprise and the gentleman to whom we are indebted for the idea, is, as before stated, Mr. Augustus Ruxton, while the management of the enterprise, in London, is intrusted to a committee of the following gentlemen: Messrs. Tom Taylor, E. Gambart, Madox Brown, John Miller, and W. M. Rossetti, the latter gentleman acting as Secretary. These names are familiar to the artistic and literary circles of both countries; they represent the nature of the sympathy which has been manifested in the project, and also furnish ample guarantee that the exhibition will be composed of works of great interest, and adequately representative of English artistic genius. The best proof of this, however, is to be found in the following list of artists, together with pictures that have been secured up to the present time. Most of the works mentioned have been exhibited in London, and have been noticed by the press and the public as the chief attractions of the various exhibitions in which they have been displayed. Those marked "P.R." belong to the Pre-Raphaelite school.

Inchbold (P.R.)–a work entitled "In March," together with another landscape.

Anthony (P.R.)–"The Woodyard" and "The Monarch Oak."

Holman Hunt (P.R.)–"The Light of the World" (smaller picture).

Wolf (P.R.)–three animal subjects.

Madox Brown (P.R.)–"Lear and Cordelia" and others.

Lear (P.R.)–two Italian landscapes.

Ruskin (P.R.)–a landscape study.

George Fripp–some water-colors[.]

Davidson– " "

Armitage–"The City of Refuge," "Œdipus and Antigone," and, probably, "Samson in the Mill."

Oakes–one or more landscapes.

Phillips–portraits of Hiram Powers and Charles Kean.

H. Warren–"Marriage in Cairo."

Richardson–some water-colors.

Lucy–Tennyson’s "Dora."

Harding–one or more landscapes.

Horsley–"Prince Henry assuming his Father’s Crown."

Wallis (P.R.)–"The Stratford Bust of Shakspeare," or another.

Linnell–a work.

Drummond–a work, and

Turner–one or more.

In addition to the above, which are already positively secured, there is confident expectation of the following:

Cave Thomas–"The Anti-Puseyite Lady" (exhibited at the Royal Academy as "The Protest").

E. M. Ward–a leading work.

Millais (P.R.)– "

Hughes (P.R.)–"The Eve of St. Agnes," or another.

Courbold–two or three water-colors.

L. Haghe–an important work.

Noel Paton– " "

Waller Paton (P.R.)–at least one.

Cruikshank–a picture or set of etchings.

Maclise–"The Death of Captain Rock," with others from Frith, Elmore, Landseer, Sant, Ansdell, Solomon, Leslie, Stanfield, Roberts, and other leading artists.

Of oil pictures the collection will comprise about three hundred, and of water-colors about two hundred. The exhibition will open in this city [New York City], some time during the month of October.

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