Rossetti, W[illia]m M[ichael]. "Art News from England. Letter XVIII." Crayon 3 (Oct. 1856), 309-310.



Mr. Thomas Seddon, who accompanied Mr. Holman Hunt in a portion of his late Eastern tour, has laid the foundation of a solid name by the pictures of Eastern scenery and manners, and views of Jerusalem, and other places of exalted historic interest, which, painted with skill of no common order, and with the most single-minded (in other words, the most high-minded) devotion to the absolute truth in all things, whether of general aspect or of specific detail, he brought back to England as the fruit of his studies. Within a couple of months, he will start again for the East, where he is likely to remain about a year, assuredly not without profit; his present purpose being rather to obtain materials for pictures of more elaborate incident and stronger human interest than heretofore–such perhaps as subject from Bible-story, or from the Arabian Nights. He has a fresh companion, and again an eminent one; the landscape painter, Mr. Anthony. This artists has hitherto worked almost exclusively on home subjects; and one may confidently count upon finding the results of his foreign study as interesting and valuable as they will be distinct in individual originality from anything he has heretofore produced.

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