Rossetti, W[illia]m M[ichael]. "Art News from England: Letter XI." Crayon 2 (26 Mar. 1856), 87-88.


At last, on the 16th of this month, appeared the third volume of Ruskin’s "Modern Painters:" a fact which stands almost single in this month’s Art-record, but fills a considerable space of itself. . . . In other respects, the strenuous upholding of modern Pre-Raphaelitism, the justice impartially dealt out, however severe may be its sentence, to small men and great–even to so great an one as Raphael–and the abhorrence of Germanism in Art and metaphysics, are noticeable. . . . Another of Mr. Ruskin’s spheres of activity has, if I am not mistaken, produced some new result in the new volume; one of his pupils from the Working-men’s College having been concerned in getting up the illustrations. This institution, by-the-bye, continues to flourish–I mean in its Art-classes, with which alone I have to do: both Thomas Wolner [sic] in modelling, and Dante Rossetti in figure-drawing, find that the pupils have pretty nearly reached the end of their tether in the particular forms of instruction to which they have been set.

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