Rossetti, W[illia]m M[ichael]. "Art News from England: Letter X." Crayon 2 (20 Feb. 1856), 55-56.


So here December is closing–with extreme cold, mild weather, extreme cold again, and now again mist-mildness–upon a year, in reviewing the English art-chronicle of which we note five points as most signal, or most talked about. These stand, in order of date,--1. Millais’s picture of "the Rescue" at the Royal Academy. 2. The visit to London of Mad’lle Rosa Bonheur, and her picture of the "Horse Fair." 3. The muster of our art amid that of other nations in Paris. 4. The re-modelling of our National Gallery; and 5. The explosive discontent as to the Parisian awards. . . .

This Christmas has also produced a new illustrated "Moore’s Irish Melodies". . . . Millais sends the best [illustration]–the marriage of an inconstant lover watched by a woman he has left.

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