"Minor Topics: An Exhibition of ‘Pre-Raffaellite’ Pictures." Art-Journal 22 (1 May 1860), 159.

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An exhibition of "Pre-Raffaellite" pictures was held in March, in the rooms of the society, in Waterloo Place, with admission by cards, to the admirers only of this kind of Art. In Piccadilly, last season, cards were issued, and every preparation made for a similarly private exposition; but, for some reason, the room was suddenly closed. Now, however, that the association have rooms of their own, their exhibitions will follow periodically; the second of this season is appointed to be held in September. Neither Millais nor Hunt contributed. Ruskin, however, sent a minutely-fashioned study, as did Wallis (the painter of ‘The Dead Stonebreaker’). Some of the exhibited pictures are qualified with the best points of the manner, while others are carried to its utmost extravagance.

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