Review of The Germ. Art-Journal 1 March 1850, 96.

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THE GERM: Thoughts towards Nature, in Poetry, Literature, and Art. Published by AYLOTT & SONS, London.

We understand this little Periodical is to be devoted to the lucubrations of various of our younger artists, who are monthly to contribute their quantum of poetry, pictures, and prose. It is well to find "thoughts towards Nature," in the minds of our younger professionals, with whom the Poetry of the Mind in these utilitarian days, must be pretty much confined; it is theirs to give a more wholesome bias to the thoughts of such whom Providence has placed in more prosaic employments; they are high priests or guardians of the sacred fire, and they should feel their noble responsibility. There is much of true thinking and right feeling in the various articles in this little journal; and we wish so well to its projectors that we will gladly doff the critic, cheering them on their path, and begging their readers to encourage right aspirations by pardoning little errors, lest "The Germ" should not fructify. The effort ought to be supported; it is highly to the credit of young artists that they strive to encourage thought; there is here much evidence of talent; the accompanying etchings are very satisfactory. Altogether, as a work of promise, it claims a compliment to its conductors.

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