"The Modern Pre-Raffaellite Painters." Art-Journal 20 (1 Dec. 1858), 374.

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The Building News has circulated the following bit of intelligence, to which, however, we are not disposed to attach any credit; the idea is too preposterous to be entertained, even by those whose "wish is father to the thought:"–"We have it on pretty good authority that the leading members of this persuasion have resolved not to exhibit their pictures at the Royal Academy in May next, but to originate a new combination of its members under the title of the "Hogarth Society," having no reference to the satirical painter of many years ago, but to Mr. Hogarth, the fashionable printseller of the Hay-market, in whose gallery the exhibition will take place. The more humble members are hesitating whether to follow the intended lead of their principals, and join them in this undertaking, or to adhere to the Royal Academy, with a chance, if they can make themselves sufficiently public, to obtain the dignity of an Associate, as others have succeeded in doing." Mr. Hogarth is, at all events, utterly ignorant concerning this project.

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