"Fine Arts. Royal Academy." Athenaeum 1232 (7 Jun. 1851), 609.


Of the pre-Raffaelite brethren little need now be said,–since what has been already said was said in vain. Mr. Charles Collins is this year the most prominent among this band, in Convent Thoughts (493). There is an earnestness in this work worth a thousand artistic hypocrisies which insist on the true rendering of a buckle or a belt, while they allow the beauties of the human form divine to be lost sight of. Mr. Millais exhibits his old perversity in a scene from Tennyson, Mariana (561), and the Return of the Dove to the Ark (651). The last is a good thought marred by its art-language. The Woodman’s Daughter (799) is of the same bad school:–and Mr. Hunt brings up the rearward move by a scene from ‘The Two Gentlemen of Verona’–Valentine receiving [sic] Sylvia from Proteus (594).

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