[Stephens, Frederic George]. "Fine Art Gossip." Athenaeum 1696 (28 Apr. 1860), 588.


We were premature in stating that Mr. Gambart had become the possessor of Mr. Holman Hunt’s picture, ‘The Finding of the Saviour in the Temple.’ The negotiations, we hear, are not concluded. . . .

Mr. F. M. Brown is engaged on a picture of large size, entitled, ‘Work,’–the subject illustrating the different conditions of intellectual and physical labour, by showing some "navvies" at work in a hot summer-day, laying down gas-pipes in a suburban street; also portraits of two men distinguished in the literary and religious world, who are shown looking on and discussing an important question with great spirit. Some fashionable idlers are riding past and ignoring the duty of work altogether. A knot of Irish reapers, unable to find work, are seen lying asleep by the road-side, exhibiting signs of great distress and privation. Various other incidents illustrate the artist’s idea with dramatic power. The painting and design of this work display singular power and brilliancy, and as a whole it is likely to attract a large share of public attention when exhibited, which will be, we believe, in the course of the present year.

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