"Fine Arts: Royal Academy." Athenaeum 1595 (22 May 1858): 662-663. Excerpt.

Mr. Munro, always full of a gentle sensitive poetry, tender as Shelley and fully as pure, has sent a Sketch for a Bas-relief (1318). An Undine (1255) and a Group of Lovers (1213). In both the latter cases the beautiful women, very little lower than the angels, and crowned with glory and honour, are all but spoiled by the extravagant exaggeration of their brows, which are not merely swollen, but hydrocephalic. The robe of Undine, too, is left in rather cabbagy folds, and needs more finish, such as we see expended with agreeable result on the polished plate-armour of the lover. There is great beauty in the quiet sorrowful timidity with which the water-nymph, setting her foot on the lily of the lake, descends swiftly to her green dominions. . . .

Mr. Woolner's figures of Moses and John the Baptist (1203, 1204) for the pulpit of Llandalf Cathedral, are not unworthy of a man who has thought over the great Florentine.

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