"Fine Arts: Royal Academy." Athenaeum 1594 (15 May 1858): 628-629. Excerpt.

As the works of promising sons of artists we may name . . . Mr. S. Solomon's Abraham and Isaac (1066). . . .

It is desirable to come out in the warm sun with Mr. Brett and see his wonderful Stone Breaker (1089), working with as much healthy zeal as if he were sure of finding the philosopher's stone at the next smashing blow of his short heavy hammer. We know every flint of his by sight, every white hoolw and blue stain in them. There was never painted such sunlit carnation as in that open-air face, such dry fluffy thistledown, such chalk slopes, such distant tracts of sunny turf, such a pleasant blue horizon. This is how England's happiest spots should be painted. The white cloud, however, is dry and scurfy [sic]. Paint it clean out, Mr. Brett.

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